A Saturday afternoon medieval quest

We’d planned to see the jousting at Prague Castle today, but I discovered this morning that a famous battle was being reenacted on Vitkov Hill, in easy walking distance of our apartment. The reenactment took place on the site of the battle which occurred on July 12-14, 1420. The Hussites, followers of religious reformer Jan Hus, battled for their rights to practice their religion as they saw fit. Although greatly outnumbered, they were victorious because of their cleverness. The suburb is now named Žižkov, after the Hussites’ military leader, Jan Žižka.

In fact, we couldn’t really see the battle very well, but it was a great afternoon of medieval fun. We came home with a sword and a half a kolacé, somewhat akin to a sweet pizza with cream cheese and blueberry topping. Delicious:)

DSC00535 DSC00536 DSC00538  DSC00541 DSC00542 DSC00546 DSC00551 DSC00554 DSC00557 DSC00563 DSC00564 DSC00567 DSC00574 DSC00578 DSC00582 DSC00583 DSC00589 DSC00592 DSC00596 DSC00599 DSC00605 DSC00610 DSC00614 DSC00617

On the way home, we saw a wedding and a very interesting building. Fun afternoon!

DSC00620 DSC00632

DSC00639This plaque was on the side of a building: a tribute to victims of the occupation, heroes of the revolution. At the bottom it says that they were postal workers who died for their country and for us.

I’m looking forward to either knowing more Czech language or knowing more Czech people so I can understand what’s happening better! It would be great to know what all the signs say and what’s generally going on!


3 thoughts on “A Saturday afternoon medieval quest

  1. So many beautiful things! I love the bows and shields… I wouldn’t of been able to resist them and the sweet pizza 🙂

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