And then there were none.

Well, one. I mean, I’m still here. One point five if you count Lola the mini schnauzer.

For a little while, I’ve been preparing to live alone, and now it’s happened. Much of my preparation involved imagining worst case scenarios. I’m telling you, they’re not that far-fetched. In no particular order, here are my three greatest fears about living alone.

Fear: Going out without my pants.

Reason: I’ve gone out the door in my slippers. I’ve forgotten to wear earrings.  It’s a slippery slope.

Also, this happened:


I traveled like that from a restaurant in Wan Chai to my flat in Stanley (about 45 minutes of walking, bus stop waiting, bus riding, and some more walking). It wasn’t until I walked in my flat that my daughter revealed what I could not see myself. I need supervision.

Solution: (as suggested by Hugo) A full-length mirror. I have since purchased the mirror, but don’t always remember to look at it. This morning when I was walking to the metro to go to church, someone smiled at me. My first reaction? I looked down to make sure I had all my clothes on.

Fear: Sleeping in and being late for work and probably getting fired.

Reasons: My phone has the habit of turning itself off randomly. Additionally, I did sleep in once on a Parent Conference day. Luckily, I had a 9am start and the dog walker woke me up at 8:20. Last year I dreamed I was late, and my principal fired me. I admit to obsessively checking my alarm setting to make sure it’s the right time and actually turned on.

Solution: Buy an alarm clock from IKEA. I did this and it does give me a little reassurance. I wonder how often I should change the batteries so they never go flat.

Fear: Lying dead in my apartment for three days before someone notices.


Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 10.24.37 pm

Also, I am not confident that Lola the mini schnauzer will raise the alert.

Solution: Sensible self talk: Surely if I’m even an hour late for school someone will call. Within 24 hours, I assume that someone will investigate. So realistically, the longest that I will lie dead is probably only 24 hours. I am much comforted.

All in all, living alone is all right. I can jump on the bed and stay up as late as I want. Lola the mini schnauzer is not such a bad listener, and I am quite busy. I’m in one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited, and I have lots of loving family and friends, be they thousands of miles away. School is good. I start Czech lessons this week so I can be more useful at Church. I’m off to England later this month where I hope to go to Dismaland and see London for the first time.

Life is good. I feel extremely blessed.


4 thoughts on “And then there were none.

  1. Living alone feels like the best thing I have ever done for myself! One of the only bad things about it though, is that I love to bake. And I’ll bake a whole normal sized batch of something…and then eat most of it, all to myself, in one go, because there’s no one around to share with straight away or stop me. :/

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