What’s in the trolley?

Warning: This post is about the truly mundane.

My groceries were delivered tonight, and I thought some people might be interested to see how much you can get for your supermarket dollar here in Prague. I must admit that I always secretly surveil the trolleys of people in front of and behind me at the supermarket. It’s an intimate snapshot of someone’s life, and I find it so intriguing.

Why are they buying so many sardines?

Are they going to share that cheese with someone?

Are they going to watch TV while they eat those chips?

Are they having a party?

Why only one potato?

So many tantalising questions!

I can’t stop. I know it’s creepy, but there you go. I can’t help it. People are fascinating, and I’m naturally curious.

I’ve been buying small amounts of groceries, and this week I decided to do a large shop to stock the pantry and avoid lugging soy milk around in my shopping bags. I’m also trying to motivate myself to cook. So far I’m not very motivated to cook for just me, so here’s my trolley of inspiration. And snacks. A lot of snacks.

I shopped at Tesco, which is the most expensive supermarket in Prague, but they’re British-based so their website has an English version, and they deliver. Big plusses.

Here’s what I bought in Prague for $167 USD. I’ve included everything on my docket. Fortunately I didn’t have to buy anything embarrassing like tummy trouble tablets.

I never buy them.

I never buy anything embarrassing.


I did buy a few luxury items that boosted my total cost:

750g Van Houten Passion Hot Chocolate powder (it’s supposed to be like Italian hot chocolate, which I LOVE)

200mL olive oil spray

A rope of garlic (about twenty hands) – so pretty!

These items came to about $20 USD, so if you take out those three things, my trolley totalled $147.


200mL spray olive oil

500g dried red lentils

500g dried barley

1kg white sugar

500g muscovado sugar (almost like brown sugar)

1 crazy box of 100 sachets of 5g sugar – MISTAKE! I guess those will go in the staff room….

300g cocoa

690g jar black olives (larger than I realized!)

195g packet of black olives (to compare…)

360g jar of beetroot (had some yummy beetroot hummus the other day – must make it!)

190g jar sun-dried tomatoes

15g bicarb soda

200g vanilla sugar (no extract here!)

About 100g of various spices and herbs

4 litres of chocolate soy milk

6 litres of light plain soy milk

2 boxes of mango and lime herb tea

90 g crushed ginger

100g dark peppermint Swiss chocolate

100g dark Swiss chocolate with green tea (an accident or a mistake – one for the staff room)

53 grams of caramel vanilla sugar (to grind on my Italian hot chocolate…)

100g can corn (smaller than I expected!)

425g can mixed beans

7 x 420g cans of various types of beans

2 x 400g 3-bean and vegetable soup

300 spicy corn chips (they are fantastic – they taste like jalapeños)


6 free-range eggs

300g light Swiss cheese

2 x 400g light cherry yoghurt

3 x 150g yoghurt

2 x 125g chocolate soy pudding (don’t judge me)

100g tofu pate

Fruit and Vegetables:

1 avocado

5 bananas

1 passionfruit

4 lemons

600g carrots

5 brown onions

1 purple onion

1 large zucchini

1 large cucumber

1 red capsicum (bell pepper)

500 g seedless grapes

250 g cherry tomatoes

1 large red tomato

1 small butternut pumpkin

2 large oranges

20 hands of garlic on a rope

1 large tomato

3 green apples

750g mushrooms (I love them)

2 small sweet potatoes


500ml SYOS shampoo + 300ml SYOS conditioner + SYOS dry shampoo (never worked for me but I want to give it one more chance! Maybe this one will do the trick!)

Sensodyne toothpaste

16 rolls of toilet paper

8 kitchen paper rolls

20 60L garbage bags

1 Neutragena Norwegian Formula lip balm (I am just peeling away here—so dry compared to Hong Kong!)

A couple of close-up pics:

DSC01086 DSC01087

The one thing I wasn’t that happy with was that everything turned up in plastic shopping bags, which I try to avoid. An entire plastic forest is lying dead on my kitchen floor.

Right. Off to eat some treats.

I mean a salad…


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