I wrote a BRILLIANT blog entry a few days after I returned from London, but an accidental backspace out of WordPress deleted it. Must remember to hit ‘save’ as I go. Believe me—the original was something Hemingway would have shed tears over. Tears of envy. What follows is a mere shadow of the original…

Before I actually went there, London looked like this in my head:

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 8.08.08 pm

Yeah, that’s not it. Well, that’s some of it. After imagining it for decades, it felt quite unreal to actually be there.

I had a fabulous time! I left Dismaland after lunch and headed straight to the train into London. From Paddington, I needed to get to Waterloo. I was very chuffed, guvnor, with my ability to get around on the tube despite having done zero research about ANYTHING until I was on the train from Bristol.

The tube is amazing. In some places it’s super modern, but in others it’s like something from a dystopian YA novel, and you walk through tiny winding tunnels lined with wires and pipes to get to your train. On one platform I saw what must have been the inspiration for the Daleks. I’d love to see a movie or TV show set in the tube. Actually, I’d probably watch the product if someone wore a GoPro on her/his helmet and just took the tube all day.

On Friday night, I enjoyed a fabulous dinner with dear Hong Kong friends in a Mexican restaurant made out of shipping containers next to the Thames. We went for a long walk and saw Big Ben, The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and lots of lovely little streets, shops, and restaurants.

DSC01162 DSC01161 DSC01164  DSC01166   DSC01167 DSC01169 DSC01172   DSC01173 DSC01174 DSC01175

On Monday, I left my lovely friends in Surrey and took the train into town. One aspect of English history still lives in London: highway robbery. Well, train-track robbery. A day-pass for public transport cost about 17 pounds. The train from Victoria Station to the airport cost over 19 pounds. The blackguards!

I spent a wonderful morning at The Tower of London. You can visit it virtually on youtube. History is full of treachery and injustice. I guess we’re always in the middle of history.

DSC01176 DSC01177 DSC01179  DSC01182 DSC01181    DSC01186 DSC01185 DSC01183

I did something twice that I’m not proud of on Monday. I bought a vegie pastie, took a few bites, and chucked it out. After the Tower of London, I bought chips in newspaper, ate a few, and chucked them out too. So wasteful, and I bought the chips on my way to a lunch date! I can only blame my desperation to cram all things English into my weekend. I wondered if British pasties and chips might somehow be more authentic, more delicious. Nup.

I did enjoy incredible Indian food for lunch on Covent Garden with another wonderful friend from Hong Kong, at Dishoom. Such fun:)

Covent Garden is lovely, lovely, lovely. I’d like to live there. but my friend told me that it’s rather expensive… I was so excited to see the Opera House. Joan Sutherland got her big break there in Lucia di Lammermoor. Look it up on Youtube. 🙂

Looking forward to the next trip to London, I think it might be a theatre-themed weekend:) Better start saving:)


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