My First Visitor

At the start of October I had the pleasure of a visit from my Australian nephew. It was so much fun to have someone from home come and stay. I stocked up the pantry, inflated the guest bed, and gave the mini schnauzer a bath in anticipation.

What to show him? I was now in a curious role: not quite tourist, but definitely not local. My nephew was an expert adventurer and happy to explore while I was at work. He met up a few times with other people he’d met on his travels, too.

We went to Old Town Square and saw the Astronomical Clock, and the next day he went off on Royal’s Free Walking Tour. This is a must-do, in my opinion. My sister recommended that we go on a tour of Municipal Hall and have dinner at Francouzska Restaurant. I’d done neither of those things, so was excited. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do Municipal Hall because the available tours were on while I was at school. Instead we went to the Baroque Library and then Francouzska. The views below are from the tower at the Klemintinum, where the Baroque Library is housed. Unfortunately you can’t take pics inside the library, but here’s one from Wikipedia (does that count as a citation?):


What first engaged me about the library was the smell. Oh it pulled me back through centuries, and I could almost hear the monks’ quills scratching alway. I wanted to just go and sit there for a few years. Some of the shelves were empty because the books were being scanned to be added to Google Books. I thought this was a very cool mix of antiquarian and tech.

IMG_1010 IMG_1015 IMG_1031 IMG_1035 IMG_1036 IMG_1037 IMG_1042

That chocolate dessert was possibly the most delicious dessert I’ve ever eaten. A disc of chocolate sat atop a ring of soft French chocolate nougat, with fresh passionfruit dropped here and there. Rich hot chocolate sauce was poured over it, melting it, and a scoop of gorgeous vanilla ice cream topped it off. Amazing.

The restaurant is Art Nouveau, and it’s once again like stepping back in time. Click on the link to have a better look.

On our last night we had hamburgers at The Tav, and then popped back to Old Town Square for some final trdelniks (the pic below is not mine) for a dessert secondsies at Cafe Louvre. My hot chocolate was almost 100% melted dark chocolate. Divine. IMG_1050 IMG_1051

My nephew was a brilliant visitor:) I hope he comes back:)

We ate, we walked, we saw, we laughed and then we said goodbye.


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