Playing tourist at home

The day after I returned from Vienna, I decided to go somewhere I’d been thinking about for almost a year: Speculum Alchemiae, the museum of alchemy. The building, dating from 900 AD was used in the fifteenth century by alchemists and herbalists. These scientists were trying to understand the nature of metals and dispensing herbal medicines. In the sixteenth century, although the church derided alchemy, Holy Emperor Rudolph II was very interested and funded the experiments in the laboratories below ground.

In the 2002 floods, tunnels were discovered leading from the museum to both the castle and the town square. I so wanted to explore these, but they’re both ‘unsafe’, and the one to the castle, beneath the river, has collapsed in the middle.


DSC01231 DSC01230 DSC01229 DSC01228 DSC01227

Lots of fun!

After the museum, I finally got to see the Astronomical Clock chime the hour, and I watched the apostles appear at the windows. I also visited Tyn Church on the square, and somewhere I’d never been: St Nicholas’ church. Inside, I saw the most striking chandelier I’ve ever seen. It was at least four metres in diameter.


Stunning. This church has been used for several purposes over the last century or so, including storage and a music hall. Now, it’s home to the Prague Hussite church.

It was so much fun to play in Prague again. There are so many things to see and do here.


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