Snow, snow, I love snow, la la la, snow

I must admit that when I packed up and moved to Prague from sunny, sweltering Hong Kong last summer, I wasn’t really nervous about the new job, or about not speaking the language, or having to find an apartment and set it up. I was worried about winter.

As it turns out, I LOVE WINTER. Sort of. I do NOT like the short days. I don’t like leaving for work in the dark and coming home in the dark. Really. I hate it. I counted the days until the winter solstice. I longed for sun in California at Christmas. Now, in late January, I’m jumping for joy if I get home and it’s still a little light. This afternoon, I was home by five, and it wasn’t quite dark when I walked Lola the mini schnauzer!

What I absolutely love about winter is the snow. It’s worth the short days (I think that now the days are getting longer…) It’s beautiful! I love everything about it (disclaimer: until it melts). I love the whiteness of everything. I love the way it gathers on black, dry tree branches. I love to catch it in my mouth. I love the little yellow caves Lola makes. I love the way it tingles on my eyeballs. I LOVE IT.

Here are seven seconds of the lovely crunching sound my boots make in the snow:


Lola loves it too! Given the choice between footpath or snow, she takes the snow every time. Here she is making friends in the park with a dog and its owner. The groomer gave her a crewcut:( This was our first venture into the park with snow, and after this trip she wore her coat.

When it starts to melt and turns to ice, before it becomes grey sludge, snow is a DEATH TRAP. I thought of Hugo the first time I realized the path had turned to ice. He would LOVE it. He’ll have plenty of snow in Idaho:)


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