The Bone Chapel

A couple of months ago, I traveled to Kutná Hora to see the Bone Chapel, more officially titled the Sedlec Ossuary. I loved it. I didn’t find it at all spooky or disrespectful. I guess I’ve seen other places in Europe where bones are used to create images, and to me it’s a vast bony bank of stories.

After I’m dead, feel free to use my bones to make a commemorative lampshade or whatever else you please. I know my kids will argue over who gets to keep said lampshade…

The social club at my school arranged the train trip to Kutná Hora on a Saturday. The bone chapel is away from the centre of town, so afterwards we had to bus into the centre. (Flashback to one of my dad’s oft-repeated jokes when we’d drive past a cemetery: You know why no one who lives around here is buried in that cemetery? I’ll let you guess the end. Duh.)

Here’s the chapel.

IMG_1056   DSC01371                                               DSC01365     DSC01368      DSC01370      DSC01372    DSC01373

It’s beautiful and weird.

A couple of hundred meters away, there’s a very large church, but it didn’t really grab me.


In town, though, there is an absolute stunner of a gothic cathedral: St Barbara’s. Wow. It’s huge, and gorgeous inside.


DSC01376         DSC01382     DSC01380        DSC01379           DSC01378   DSC01377        DSC01383

If you had at least a week in Prague, I’d add Kutna Hora to the itinerary.


2 thoughts on “The Bone Chapel

  1. That nearby cathedral that is light inside somehow kills the interesting perspective that those cathedrals often have. I like the idea but it has mucked up the architectural perspective. It makes the place look like its made of plaster board. It may be.

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