Party on My Square!

Two different events occurred on or just off my local square, Jiriho z Podebrad today:  a Mexican Street Food Party and The Vinohrady Wine Festival.

The Mexican Street Food Party filled  Lucemburská, a street right behind the metro square. Today was cloudy and slightly rainy day, so my photos aren’t as bright and cheery as the atmosphere.


I bought some ghost pepper hot sauce here for a colleague. They also had the most delicious chili chocolates. I went back tonight for some of their salty caramel fudge chili chocolate but they’d already packed up.


This is some stranger whose husband took a photo of her. I jumped in as extra photographer. It’s something like photobombing, but the opposite…img_3031

It was a lot of fun! There was also food from Cuba and Argentina, and dancing!

Back in the main square the wine festival was on—dozens of booths selling wine and delicacies. Bands performed on a huge stage.

At one end of the scale, there were some rather upmarket-looking wine booths.


At the other end of the scale was burčak.


For a few weeks, in September, Czech wine-growers produce a drink that, apparently, is somewhere between juice and wine: burčak. It’s grape juice with sugar, allowed to ferment a little. Many people love it but it’s very hard on the digestive tract. I’ve heard quite a few locals say that in any quantity, you’re destined for some serious bellyache.

A Czech work colleague told me she was excited about the burčak celebrations this weekend. When I asked her if she was concerned about a stomach ache, she replied, ‘You can look at it like that, or you can think of it as a clean-out.’

It’s a cloudy, slightly rainy day today, so my photos aren’t as bright and cheery as the atmosphere.

We always have a farmer’s market Wednesday-Friday, except for in the coolest months, but today, the fruit and vegies are looking extra gorgeous. I wish I could have fit them all in one photo!




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