The Czech Countryside: Slavikov

A couple of weeks ago, I went with 57 seventh-graders and seven teachers for a five-day camp at Slavikov, about 115km to the southeast of Prague. Every time I go into the Czech countryside, I’m overwhelmed by how beautiful it is.

Many Czech families have a country cottage where they go for weekends to relax. I’ve met people whose cottages had no electricity, and they like it that way. Many grow fruit and vegetables. The idea is growing on me. Slowly. When you see the beauty of remote CR, it’s understandable.

It was hard to find pics without recognizable kids in them, but here are a few. This is the venue: The Immanuel Conference Centre:




I was delighted to find this old, abandoned house next to an equally abandoned mill. At last! A site for urban exploring (though not remotely urban!)! I approached the teacher in my group I thought most likely to break the law, and that person immediately agreed to go look with me next year:) I sense a late-night, spooky adventure by flashlight. Don’t tell anyone.


A boarded-up entrance to the mill. Don’t worry… there are other ways…


The kids did orienteering and rock-climbing at Blatiny, another 40km southeast of Slavikov. Also absolutely gorgeous.



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