Jewish Town

This afternoon, I visited Prague Jewish Town with a new colleague from school. You can read about all the sites by hitting ‘Explore’ at Prague’s Jewish Museum site. As a teenager, I wasn’t really interested in history, which seemed nothing more than lists of dates and facts. It felt completely irrelevant to me until 12th grade when one… More Jewish Town

Beautiful buildings, terrible tales (including golems and severed arms…)

This has nothing to do with the fantastic walking tour Hugo and I did, but it’s just one more example of the fabulous food in Prague. These stands are in several shopping centres: dried fruits, fudge, chocolate—there are delights on every corner. Literally. I have never seen so many cafes, patisseries, mini markets, little pizza… More Beautiful buildings, terrible tales (including golems and severed arms…)

One week later…

We arrived in the Czech Republic eight days ago. Here are some reflections on what’s happened so far. Once again, the detail is for the diehards. Feel free to skip. The apartment I fell in love with it when we walked through the door as it was so light and airy and pretty. Large, too. It… More One week later…

First impressions

It’s 6:30 pm. The sun won’t set for almost three hours, and it will rise just before 6 am tomorrow morning. Grateful for block-out curtains. We’ve had a great first day and a bit in Prague. I’m going to go into tedious detail, so feel free to skip! It feels as if I’ve spent more time… More First impressions

Are you still here?

I’ve been saying goodbye for seven months. I got my new job in November last year, and, while I still worked hard to ‘blossom where I was planted’, in everyone’s mind, including my own, I was on the way out. It intensified in the last couple of months. There were multiple farewell ceremonies at work, and people… More Are you still here?