Hluboka Castle

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured with a group of church friends to a pretty town to the south of Prague: České Budějovice. Here is my terrible pronunciation guide: Chesskeh Bood-yeh-o-vee-tseh. The vowel in ‘bood’ is like the one in ‘book’. The yeh-o is more like ye-yo but the second ‘y’ is barely there – more like… More Hluboka Castle

Beautiful Bohemia

Last week, I took off with 80 seventh graders and some colleagues for a week of Outward Bound adventure. We stayed at Nectiny Castle: It sounds a lot more glamorous than it was, but we had a great week. I can’t remember ever eating as much bread or potatoes in any week, though. The vegetarian… More Beautiful Bohemia

Jewish Town

This afternoon, I visited Prague Jewish Town with a new colleague from school. You can read about all the sites by hitting ‘Explore’ at Prague’s Jewish Museum site. As a teenager, I wasn’t really interested in history, which seemed nothing more than lists of dates and facts. It felt completely irrelevant to me until 12th grade when one… More Jewish Town